Privacy Policy for Apollo Browser


Apollo Browser uses Facebook’s oAuth authentication in the application. Apollo Browser never sees your account password and never communicates any information to 3rd Party servers except for communication with Facebook.
OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve application to act on their behalf without sharing their password. More information can be found at or in the excellent Beginner’s Guide to OAuth from Hueniverse. See Facebook’s website for more information about oAuth specific to their service.

Granting Permission

In order to enable several features in Apollo Browser, e.g. Facebook chat, you need to grant XMPP and offline data usage permissions from the granting permission page on Facebook.

Besides the above permissions, we also need to access some of your social activity data to bring a better chat experience, e.g., your status, likes, photos, videos, event, activities, read stream.

Revoking Permission

You can at any time revoke permission to Apollo Browser to access your Facebook account from the website. If you do so, of course you will not be able to use our App’s Facebook integration related feature.

By GearVR News

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